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I am wondering how many ladies remember what you say when you first meet them. A little research of my own has shown that only 2 out of 10 ladies remember my first words to them. Fortunately there is nothing to worry about. Such a reaction does not mean that you are a bad teller and a terrible Casanova. This simply means that she is a woman. Women pay much more attention to the body language than the verbal one when they first communicate with a man.

Well, it obvious that she will notice and hear if you say something creepy but during a romantic conversation, your gestures is what she is interested in. Besides, your non-verbal speech may be much more telling than the verbal one. Russian girls are always attentive to body language. Just think about it! It is not really difficult to learn a passage or two of a romantic text by heart. Thus, if you are prepared and she is listening to what you’re saying, then you’ll be a winner here. However, considering the fact that she listens to your non-verbal story, she may see your real feelings and emotions.

Everything has its pros and cons, and the non-verbal part is not an exception. The thing is that while studying your gestures and mimics, she will reveal hers. This is when you will have the opportunity to observe her body language and get to know what she feels about you.

The Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul. Thus, if you want to get to know her soul, make eye-contact first.

Let’s say you are at a bar and there is a girl at a bar counter. Make an eye-contact and you’ll see how she feels about you. If she is either nor interested in you or is too shy, she will direct her sight somewhere else immediately. However, if you see that your eye contact has been steady for a while (let’s say 2 or 3 seconds), you should go ahead and say “Hi” to that girl. The chances that she is interested in you are great, so you have nothing to worry about. Of course, it is quite obvious that if your eye contact has been steady for more than 3 seconds, you both want the same about each other. Don’t waste your chance – go talk to her.

If you have known each other a bit, her eyes may tell you something interesting right during the conversation. Well, if most of the time she is staring at your face, she is interested in you even more than in your story. She believes you are attractive and may be thinking about sex or a kiss while talking with you. By the way, if she is looking at your lips from time to time, this also may serve as a sign of sexual desire.

Her shifty eyes may tell that the situation is stressful for her. If a girl feels nervous she won’t keep a steady eye-contact with you. Try to relax her. Say something funny. Don’t push it.  Change the place. Whatever you suggest is good if it helps her calm down.

The Lips

Pay attention to her lips during the conversation. Girls (when they are really attracted to a guy) tend to smile almost all the time and laugh more than they do it with other people. Well, she actually may burst into laughing even if your joke was not really funny. She does it because she likes you. Thus, if your girl gives you a smile each time you have the eye-contact, she is seriously attracted to you.

The Hands

Does she fidget with her hands or objects in her hands a lot? If yes, she is attracted to you. Furthermore, she may play with her hair, dress or accessorizes. This somehow helps girls to relax. Show her your confidence and your real intentions and she will calm down. Her gestures will become smoother and her hand won’t fidget around so much.

Well, there is one more interesting thing about her hands language. Pay attention to her touches. If her touches seem to be innocent and gentle, she cares about you and is seriously attracted to you. Has she ever touched you “accidently”? How did it feel? I bet it felt amazing. The thing is that women rarely touch men accidently (I mean really accidently). They simply show their feeling in such a way. Keep that in mind.

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