Competition Ended Winners
Win ‘Kat & Alfie: Redwater’ on DVD! 1st July Carmen Rosso from London, Joanna Hays from Newhaven and Laurie Skinner from Christchurch
Win a ‘Versailles’ Season 2 box set! 1st July Sharon Mullan from London, James Glynn from Slough and Eleanor Oram from Dursley
Win ‘Patriots Day’ on Blu-ray! 1st July Jules Lambert from Bolton, Esther Slone from South Shields and Joe Templin from Crawley
Win a travel pillow! 23rd June Katherine Innes from Dover
Win a ‘Bones’ Season 12 box set! 1st July Becca Tomlinson from Lancashire, Carole Ferguson from Ipswich and Tessa Cowles from Oxfordshire
Win ‘Moonlight’ on Blu-ray! 22nd June Dawn Johnson from London, Martin Cartwright from Warrington, Bill Clegg from Flint and Hayley Miller from Inverness
Win ‘Fences’ on Blu-ray! 22nd June Samantha Davin from Chertsey and Lucas Small from Wishaw
Win an ‘Orphan Black’ Season 4 box set! 23rd June Gary Chapman from Maldon, Freddie Clarke from Southam and Gina Harwood from Reading
Win Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Order of Darkness’ book! 29th June Annaloa Hilmarsdottir from Cornwall, Jean Cassell from Worsbrough, Debbie Davies from Redna, Penny Russell from Birmingham and Kenneth Wilkinson from Hull
Win ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ on Blu-ray! 1st July Mary Hollander from Glasgow, Connie Nielsen from Cirencester and Tanya Lucas from Leicestershire
Win ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ on Blu-ray! 30th June Samantha Dawson from Dublin, Marc Williams from Exeter, Lacy Morgan from Brighton and Phoebe Rickard from Walsall
Win ‘Loving’ on Blu-ray! 21st June Derek Evans from Heywood and Kayleigh Beech from Aberdare
Win ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ on Blu-ray! 20th June David Rowlinson from London and Melissa Archer from Christchurch
Win James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ on DVD! 26th June Colin Tully from London
Win Channel 4 thriller ‘Born to Kill’ on DVD! 1st July Zoe Nolan from Ivybridge, Alexander Pascal from Norfolk and Richard Green from London
Win all three seasons of ‘Grantchester’ on DVD! 1st July Marie Bower from Dunstable, Stacey Walton from Leeds and Harry Pope from Epping
Win true story drama ‘Denial’ on DVD! 24th June Rhys Murphy from London, Jess Colbert from Hampshire and Michael Payne from Billingham
Win ‘Steve Mcqueen: The Man & Le Mans’ on Blu-ray! 25th June Amanda Cooper from Watton, Luke McCarty from Oxfordshire, Maria Slone from Livingston and Claire Perry from Bognor Regis
Win ‘The Founder’ on Blu-ray! 23rd June Kat Buckley from Scarborough, Dominic Jones from Ledbury and Harriet Gallagher from West Sussex
Win Ealing classic ‘Mandy’ on Blu-ray! 30th June Steph Browne from Portland, Lauren Hutchinson from London and Tim Kendrick from Northumberland
Win new drama series ‘Guerrilla’ on Blu-ray! 30th June Jodie Drake from London, Irene Blyth from West Yorkshire and Myra Ford from Cannock
Win a gift boxed fountain pen! 14th June Craig McDugald from London
Win ‘The Space Between Us’ on Blu-ray! 28th June Angela Dimbleby from Wiltshire, Pauline Jarman from Thornbury, Ian Hawksworth from Barnsley and Dean Burns from Newport
Win ‘The Hatton Garden Job’ on Blu-ray! 29th June James Wilton from Dorset, Laura Banks from London and Annabelle Frost from Crowle
Win ‘The Great Wall’ on Blu-ray! 28th June Carol Roberts from Witham, Tim Shannon from Greater Manchester and Beth Pollock from Cumbria
Win ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ on Blu-ray! 27th June Amanda Morley from Wood Green, Natalie Hutton from Falkirk and Marie Graham from London
Win John Hurt’s ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ on Blu-ray! 26th June Alan Lambie from Suffolk, Nancy Harrison from Bruton and Sal Ripley from Surbiton
Win ‘Split’ on Blu-ray! 25th June Pete Hess from Salcombe, Dee Mullin from Dorking and Adrienne Warner from Isle of Wight
Win Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ album! 24th June Shane Kirk from Aberdeen, Mel Turner from Reigate and Eva Maguire from Carmarthen
Win a ‘Harlots’ Season 1 box set! 23rd June Alison Gordon from Mansfield, Helen Emmerson from London and Gavin Randall from Crawley
Win a Scouting For Girls album! 22nd June Phil Adkins from Norfolk, Clare Scanlan from Ilmington and Richard Randall from Peterlee
Win ‘The Durrells’ Season 2 on DVD! 20th June Ruth Mullins from Wiltshire, James Ingram from Sevenoaks and Julia Freeman from Leatherhead
Win a ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Part 1 box set! 19th June Rosie Porter from Winslow, Kathy Wild from Seaford and Jonathan Smyth from London
Win ‘Rings’ on Blu-ray! 18th June Leslie Alden from Shropshire, Neil Scott from London and Philippa McDonnell from Woburn
Win ‘The A Team’ box set and classic movies bundle for Father’s Day! 18th June Grant Teague from Leicester
Win ‘Jackie’ on Blu-ray! 17th June Lucas Pratt from Gateshead, Robyn Kessler from Nantwich and Ann Dawson from Camborne
Win a complete ‘Hinterland’ box set! 16th June Robin Kingsley from Northampton, Liz Keefe from Oxshott and Sam Pearson from Dawley
Win a Parker fountain pen! 29th May Jack Gibson from Leicester
Win Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ on Blu-ray! 15th June Cindy Wise from Dronfield, Judy Warren from Suffolk and Pete Blake from Edinburgh
Win a ‘The Legacy’ Season 3 box set! 14th June Jessie Ellison from Wiltshire, Steven Lackey from Mirfield and Bob Matthews from Watford
Win ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’ on Blu-ray! 13th June Olly Skey from Warwickshire, Barbara Hines from Edenbridge and Naomi Olsen from Bexley
Win Ave Sol’s new album ‘Arias For All’! 8th June Margaret Volland from Stilton, Laura Banks from Wesham and Katie Witherington from Bournemouth
Win ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ on Blu-ray! 7th June Kate Vardon from Shropshire, Emily Lancaster from Daventry and Harry Curran from London
Win ‘Lion’ on Blu-ray and the book! 6th June Nick Comer from Portsmouth, Becky Matheson from Sheffield, Andrew Hirst from Thatcham and Janet Wells from Bedale
Win a ‘Grace and Frankie’ Season 2 box set! 10th June Sharon Moore from Paignton and Anthony Sykes from West Lothian
Win ‘Manchester By The Sea’ on Blu-ray and the soundtrack album! 5th June Carol Wood from Westbury, Charlotte Pearce from Kent and Jess Dawes from Peacehaven
Win classic Ealing comedy ‘The Goose Steps Out’ on Blu-ray! 3rd June Teresa Brown from Cowes, Samantha Pile from London and Mark Whitford from Rochester
Win ‘Silence’ on Blu-ray! 2nd June Simon Freeman from Bromley, Will Bradley from North Yorkshire and Alex Vardon from Egremont
Win ‘Assassin’s Creed’ on Blu-ray! 1st June Harry McGowan from London, Ellen Carlson from Clydebank, Joel Pearce from Stafford and Perry Novak from Wokingham
Win a new ‘Alien’ book! 4th June Bianca Cranmer from Warwickshire, Karl Borowy from Farnworth, Margaret Volland from Stilton and Zoe Brown from Bramley
Win a festival essentials kit! 31st May Danielle Westwood from London
Win the entire first seven seasons of ‘QI’ on DVD! 30th May Joseph Whitehead from Monmouth
Win an ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 4 box set! 29th May Andy Perkins from Motherwell and Joyce Belcher from Chatham
Win ‘One Night Stand’ on DVD! 8th May Liam Barnes from Cardiff
Win a ‘Dreamgirls’ album! 28th May Wayne McIntosh from St Austell, Roger Owen from Biddenham and Andrea Stordy from Ipswich
Win classic Dracula and Wolf Man movie box sets! 27th May Jeremy White from Trowbridge and Sharon Chandler from Birmingham
Win a ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 2 box set! 26th May Beryl Evans from Shropshire, Toby Fletcher from Adlington and Amy Norman from Cumbria
Win ‘A Monster Calls’ on Blu-ray! 25th May Luke Armitage from Corby, Tom Watts from Warwickshire and Bethany Edwards from Leyland
Win a bundle of crime box sets with ‘Midnight Sun’! 24th May Kerry Harris from London
Win a Van Morrison 3-CD collection! 23rd May Mary Lucking from Bromley, Daniel Hora from Surrey and David Fowler from Banbury
Win a ‘3000 Jokes, 2997 Laughs’ book! 22nd May Tina Bradshaw from Colchester, Jessica Gerrish from Madeley and Rick Carr from Morecambe
Win every episode of ‘Line of Duty’ on DVD! 21st May Emma Clark from London, Liz Slater from Gloucestershire and Penny Whitehead from Dunstable
Win Brian May and Kerry Ellis’s new album! 20th May George Carr from Arkholme, Grant Stammers from Wickford and Jones M from Hadfield
Win a ‘Hostages’ Season 2 box set! 19th May Is Gardner from Norfolk, Jonathan Moore from Bingley and Kerry Sutton from Dewsbury
Win comedy ‘Why Him?’ on Blu-ray! 17th May Ron Sutherland from Kingsbridge, Matthew Piper from Wellington, Ellen Murray from Minehead and David Johnson from London
Win a ‘Stranger Things’ guide book! 16th May Stuart Leader from Norwich and Kevin Pike from Stevenage
Win a complete ‘Broadchurch’ box set! 15th May Janet Wright from Leicestershire, Caroline Ashcroft from Ripley and Ian Martin from Bournemouth
Win the latest new ‘Star Wars’ novel! 14th May Deni Chapman from Middlesborough, Peggy Contento from Moortown and Susan Hall from Gateshead
Win the first seven ‘Fast & Furious’ movies on DVD! 18th May Sharon Cox from Southall
Win a cult sci-fi series ‘Star Maidens’ box set! 13th May Brad Fordham from Bangor, Amy Henderson from Leeds, Wendy O'Rourke from Ayr and Karen May from West Bromwich
Win a Eurovision history book! 12th May Jessica Gerrish from Madeley, C Angelo from Surrey and Joy Gordon from London
Win war movie ‘Mine’ on Blu-ray! 11th May Alice Cartwright from London, Mia Barnett from Haslemere and Brian Lance from Wellington
Win ‘Ballerina’ on Blu-ray and goodies! 10th May Jane Marlow from London, Eloise Jacobs from Oldham and Nick McInnis from West Sussex
Win a ‘Doctor Who: T is for TARDIS’ book! 9th May Alan Whitaker from Lincolnshire, Andrea Stordy from Ipswich and Lisa Ann Tebbutt from Bridgend
Win an Easter egg with ‘Molly Monster’! 8th May Jafrin Showeb from Birmingham, Petra Hora from Surrey and Carole Nott from Bishops Stortford
Win a ‘Doctor Who’ companion guide book! 6th May Michael Tate from Moortown, Bruce Warman from Mitcham and Roger Owen from Biddenham
Win ‘The Birth of a Nation’ on Blu-ray! 5th May Leanne Smedley from Chippenham, Tom Dawes from Newcastle and Frances Cox from London
Win Season 2 of French thriller ‘The Bureau’ on DVD! 4th May Danielle Corby from Norfolk, Sandra Broadbent from Great Torrington and Jules Small from Livingston
Win ‘Sully: Miracle On The Hudson’ on Blu-ray and goodies! 7th May Luke Hiley from Corsham, Bryan Finn from Manchester, Peter Nolan from Arundel and Camilla Norman from Fratton
Win a ‘Veep’ Season 5 box set! 3rd May Lindsay Matthews from Liverpool, Samantha Cowan from Bishopbriggs and Michael Bacon from Slough
Win a ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 box set! 2nd May Daniel Eves from London, Olivia Wiggs from Suffolk and Vicky Cromwell from Bedford
Win a ‘Chucklevision’ box set! 1st May Sian Scott from Farnham, Ian Judge from Dorchester, Thomas Rossier from Nelson and Elizabeth Daniels from Southminster
Win BBC One’s ‘Decline and Fall’ on DVD! 30th April Jackie Spooner from Tavistock, Frankie Jones from Lincoln and Kerry Drew from Faringdon
Win ‘The Kettering Incident’ on DVD! 29th April Sasha Johansen from Edinburgh, Nigel Russ from Harrogate and Gene Mills from London
Win ‘Casino Royale’ on DVD! 11th April Debbie Noble from Warwick
Win ‘Snowden’ on Blu-ray! 16th April Elliott Smart from London, Natasha Barbour from Kendal and Pauline Fennick from Burgess Hill
Win a ‘Fortitude’ Season 2 box set! 17th April Sean Milligan from Cornwall, Don Lamb from Fleet and Amy Robertson from Weymouth
Win ‘Bleed For This’ on Blu-ray! 10th April Marion Dickens from Barrhead, Nic Bell from Hednesford and Owen Colson from Manchester
Win ‘Casino’ on Blu-ray! 9th April Annette Brook from Gravesend
Win a new ‘Shaun the Sheep’ DVD! 28th April Michelle Stewart from Aberdeen, Clare Scanlan from Ilmington and Maggie Volland from Stilton
Win ‘Frank & Lola’ on DVD! 15th April Peter Watson from Norwich, Mark Finch from Bisley and Carol Goldfinch from Coventry
Win Disney’s ‘Moana’ on Blu-ray! 14th April Emma Cuthbert from Sherborne and Charley Lawrence from Kidderminster
Win ‘Allied’ on Blu-ray! 13th April Toby Sutton from Havant, Diane Truman from Merseyside and Harry Malone from London
Win an ‘Undercover: A True Story’ book! 8th April Maggie Volland from Stilton, Gary Chapman from Chard and Ben Mason from Christchurch
Win Roger Corman’s ‘Death Race 2050’ on Blu-ray! 7th April Charlie Jenkins from Tipton, Frank Burns from Gillingham and Cat Parrish from Ashington
Win ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ goodies! 6th April John Clarke from London, Darren Weston from Merrow and Loran Boothby and Nottingham
Win a ‘Game of Thrones’ album! 5th April Richard Carr from Morecambe, John Oates from Abertridwr, Susie Wilkinson from Boston and Paul Spurr from Rugby
Win ‘Arrival’ on Blu-ray! 3rd April David Baldwin from Bromsgrove, Abby Costello from Devon, Heather Wilkins from Prescot and Rachel Joice from Hatfield
Win ‘A United Kingdom’ on Blu-ray! 2nd April Tiffany Healey from London, Olivia Cowan from Northumberland and Darren Gardiner from Dereham
Win a bundle of cult classic movies on Blu-ray! 1st April Scott Kent from Sheffield and Mark Dean from Hillingdon
Win the BBC’s ‘Shackleton’ drama on DVD! 31st March Jennifer O'Malley from London, Gabi Sanders from South Shields, Andy Rankin from Bracknell and Jordan Greaves from Guildford
Win an ‘Irelandopedia’ book! 4th April Gaby Collins from Chesterfield
Win ITV drama ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ on DVD! 30th March Andrew Clifford from West Yorkshire, Henry Savin from West Malling and Daisy Brewster from Cardiff
Win ‘The Light Between Oceans’ on Blu-ray! 29th March Grace Milner from Perth, Anthony Sweeney from Chilton, Shaun McColl from Grimsby and Rachel Nugent from London
Win Danny McBride’s ‘Vice Principals’ Season 1 on DVD! 28th March Ellen Burgess from Rugby, Chris Edmonds from Aberdeen, Jessica Staunton from Kent and Amber Cox from Basildon
Win West Ham United documentary ‘Iron Men’ on DVD! 27th March Aaron Ollerton from Brighton, Terry Miles from Neston and Cassandra Warren from Uttoxeter
Win an ‘A Place to Call Home’ box set! 26th March Fran Sheehan from Patchway, Lucas Kane from Suffolk and Cheryl Jacobs from Lincolnshire
Win a ‘Final Fantasy XV’ soundtrack album! 25th March Joel McLaren from Stapleford, Lou Holt from South Lanarkshire and Patrick Stock from Newport
Win two new ‘Doctor Who’ DVDs! 24th March Paul Kingsley from Slough and Abby Oliver from Marlow
Win Spike Milligan’s ‘Q’ on DVD! 23rd March Ted Smith from Lyme Regis, Carla Nichol from Dundee, Sami Pearson from London and Brenda Kemp from Berkshire
Win Melinda Salisbury’s YA novels trilogy! 19th March Erica Price from Smethwick, Mark Scampion from Forfar and Jamie Piper from Whiteley
Win crime series ‘The Team’ on DVD! 21st March Diane Russ from Hampshire, Jackie Halford from Rothwell and Thomas Cowan from London
Win Ken Loach’s ‘I, Daniel Blake’ on Blu-ray! 20th March Fiona Ramsay from Cheltenham, Ben Hunt from London and George Dennis from Ferndale
Win ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ on Blu-ray! 18th March Sylvia Pinnington from Essex, Courtney North from St Ives and Sophie Kohler from Wirksworth
Win ‘Lady Midnight’ goodies! 16th March Dennis Jacobs from Birmingham and Gill Mitchell from Littleborough
Win the final ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ book! 8th March Joe Palmer from Chingford, David Paul Wills from Buntingford and Shannon O'Donnell from Luton
Win ‘Free State of Jones’ on Blu-ray! 7th March Andy Frost from Cardiff, Rhi Denton from Newent, Barbara Hooper from Manchester and Bill Lockwood from Haywards Heath
Win BBC One’s ‘Apple Tree Yard’ box set! 6th March Beryl Gossage from London, Freddie Pollard from Uppingham and Clare Dale from Reading
Win a ‘Fifty Shades’ gift set! 4th March Joy Gordon from London
Win ‘LEGO® NEXO Knights: Season One’ on DVD! 3rd March Mitchell Carothers from St Neots, Patty Gallagher from London and Rose Aitken from Suffolk
Win a ‘Quarry’ Season 1 box set! 2nd March Anna Jacob from Coatbridge, Lorraine Fisher from Exmouth, Sam Andersson from Birmingham and Susan Russell from London
Win ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ on DVD! 1st March Richard Becker from Norfolk, Jaqueline Newell from Whittlesey, Damian Phaure from Tywyn and Ana Garcia from Oxfordshire
Win a ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 soundtrack album! 28th February Gilda Brew from Gresford, Jamie Waterhouse from London, Nathan Vincent from Motherwell and Juliet Farr from Liverpool
Win a ‘Bond Girls Are Forever’ book! 27th February Justine Merrett from Fairford
Win French drama ‘The Unknown Girl’ on Blu-ray! 26th February Phil Murphy from Bristol, Josie Alderton from Fazeley, Megan Ray from Cambridge and Mary Cronin from Hampshire
Win ‘The Girl on the Train’ on Blu-ray! 25th February Mark Dillon from Amersham, Kathleen Riddell from Glasgow, Agnes Hawley from Berkhamsted and Judi Gray from Faringdon
Win ‘Revolting Rhymes’ on DVD! 24th February Ian Colley from Whitchurch, Steph Gibson from Bristol, Elizabeth Brooks from London and Jason Stone from Ellesmere
Win a classic monster movies collection box set! 23rd February Lee Page from Portland
Win ‘Storks’ on Blu-ray! 22nd February Dominic Nissen from Wigan, Hayley Wynne from Rutland, Lorraine Tomlinson from Coatbridge and Jemma Fuller from London
Win an awesome bat merch bundle with ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’! 21st February Mark Scampion from Forfar, Emily Hutchinson from Harrogate and Philip Croft from Peterborough
Win ‘Rings’ goodies! 20th February Maureen Feldman from Bushey, Celia West from Dorset, Paul Spurr from Rugby, Debbie Louise Davies from Rednal and Charlene Baars from Horwich
Win Dawn French’s drama ‘Delicious’ on DVD! 19th February Steph Blundell from Surbiton, Annie Mockett from Castleford and Beryl Wilcox from Edinburgh
Win a ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 box set! 18th February Dorothy Ford from Warrington, Simon Dutton from Pontefract, Leanne Graham from Barry, Sal Reeves from Lancashire and Rick Chapman from Devon
Win ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ on Blu-ray! 17th February Gina Brown from Swansea, Tom Haddock from London, Pat Oliver from Fife and Zoe Ewington from Stowmarket
Win ‘Deepwater Horizon’ on Blu-ray! 16th February James Reece from Glossop, Louisa Decker from Battle and Karl Langford from London
Win ‘Captain Fantastic’ on Blu-ray! 15th February Piers Collisson from London, Natalie Adams from Dewsbury and Fred Payne from Worcestershire
Win ITV crime drama ‘Paranoid’ on DVD! 14th February Aimee Hook from Northumberland, Rich Phelps from Hastings and Tasha Allen from Royston
Win ‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4 on DVD! 13th February Robbie Elwood from Larkhall, June Reilly from Cumbria and Katy Blair from Aberdare
Win the new ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special on Blu-ray! 12th February Brenda Thompson from Lechlade, Gareth Britton from Cheadle and Will Jerrard from Flint
Win Japanese horror movie ‘Creepy’ on Blu-ray! 11th February Jules Anderton from Suffolk, Alex Smits from Stockport and Daniel Phelps from Blantyre
Win a mummy Morphsuit costume! 10th February Alexandra King from Worthing
Win an ‘A Monster Calls’ book! 9th February Nicole Bright from Daventry, Jeremy Williams from Surrey and Paul Johnston from Dunfermline
Win the new Jack Reacher novel! 8th February Karl Borowy from Farnworth, Anne Reid from Cobham, Andrew Winward from Cleveland and Dion Petrie from Dunfermline
Win love kit goodies for Valentine’s Day! 7th February Margaret Mccaffery from Glasgow
Win a ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Class’ box set! 6th February Kris Tilson from London, Sara Neville from Fife, Will Douglas from County Durham, Arabella Collins from Stapleford and Laurence White from Falmouth
Win French TV thriller ‘The Bureau’ on DVD! 5th February Cath Merrick from Northfleet, Samantha Rolfe from London and Arnold Hinske from West Yorkshire
Win ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ goodies! 4th February Marc Hurley from Chingford, Freddie Carr from Arkholme and Natalie Turner from Cheadle
Win ‘Blair Witch’ on Blu-ray! 3rd February Beth Nolan from Irvine, Alice Young from Halifax and Ben Millward from London
Win ‘Ben-Hur’ on Blu-ray! 2nd February Chris Joseph from Hampshire, Rebecca Mellor from Wetherby and Diane White from Stockport
Win ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ on Blu-ray! 1st February James Barbour from Hartlepool, Claire Mullens from Stalham and Eliza Cabey from Aberdeen
Win WW2 drama ‘Anthropoid’ on Blu-ray! 31st January Linda Jackson from Cirencester, Fiona Dowling from Nantwich and Irene Webb from Lancashire
Win Ridley Scott’s ‘Morgan’ on Blu-ray! 30th January Helen Nicholls from London, Rosie Jarvis from Camborne, Barry Walsh from Surrey and Peter Dyer from Buxton
Win all of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies on DVD! 29th January Mary Taylor from Eastbourne
Win a ‘Humans’ box set! 28th January Luke Merrick from Kent, Sue Jacobs from Faversham and Pamela Bean from London
Win an album of Hans Zimmer’s movie music! 27th January Scott Kent from Sheffield, Lisa Ann Tebbutt from Bridgend and Eva Appleby from Cumbria
Win ‘Hell or High Water’ on Blu-ray! 26th January Maureen Cooke from Heywood, Lynn Robinson from Leicestershire and Charlie McConnon from Bangor
Win Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Julieta’ on DVD and Blu-ray! 25th January Chloe Platt from Warwickshire, Kevin Beck from Sittingbourne, Wendy Lamont from London and Kelly Edwards from Dorset
Win a ‘The Young Pope’ box set! 24th January Oliver Mitchell from London, Deborah Shaw from Kidderminster and Roger Baines from Newark-on-Trent
Win a box set of the BBC’s Agatha Christie adaptations! 23rd January Jeff Pierce from Cardiff, Heather Blakely from Leeds and Sharon Dougherty from Cumbernauld
Win new ‘Doctor Who’ book ‘The Pirate Planet’! 22nd January Ben Audsley from Bethnal Green, Geoff Hibbert from Paignton and Robert Robson from Scarborough
Win Jason Statham’s ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ on Blu-ray! 21st January Lucy Underwood from Essex, Kate Griffiths from Cheshire and Sam Macey from Pontefract
Win ‘QI’ fact books! 20th January Annie Cox from Huddersfield, Fay Owen from Knighton and David MacMillan from London
Win ‘The Purge: Election Year’ on Blu-ray! 19th January Mark Ramsden from Portsmouth, Jason Douglas from Manchester, Amy Crawshaw from London and Stuart Leech from Penrith
Win a collection of original Sherlock Holmes stories! 18th January John Oates from Abertridwr and Julie Henderson from Bangor
Win ‘Bad Moms’ on Blu-ray! 17th January Liz Fisher from Rhyl, Keith Young from London, Michael Green from Bellshill and Debbie Keep from Newton Abbot
Win ‘Collateral Beauty’ goodies! 16th January Tony Sansom from Nottingham, Andrea Stordy from Pinewood and Jimmy Milligan from Whitley Bay
Win ‘Sausage Party’ on Blu-ray! 15th January Tom Prior from Reading, Sandie Kline from Swanage, Evan Blum from Kidderminster and Deborah Spalding from London
Win ‘War Dogs’ on Blu-ray! 14th January Carl Todd from Kirkbymoorside, Rosalie Evans from Northamptonshire and Jamie Khan from Leeds
Win ‘Game of Thrones’ Christmas goodies! 13th January Elliott Haden from Hertford, Becca Lyons from Wiltshire, Doug Vernon from Redcar, Samuel Cobb from London and Brenda Squires from Cheshire
Win a complete ‘Harry Potter’ 8-film box set! 12th January Sophie Connor from Louth and Lucy Sams from Dunfermline
Win a ‘BrOTHERHOOD’ DVD and soundtrack album! 11th January Trisha Donnell from London, Jo Postlethwaite from Stevenage and Shane Chambers from Haverfordwest
Win a signed copy of Michael Palin’s new book! 10th January Gavin Brown from Welling, Alison Johnson from Bedworth, Jill Horn from Port Talbot, Rebecca Howells from Snodland and Jane Clark from Solihull
Win ‘The Missing’ Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD! 9th January Robert Ratcliffe from Ewloe, Terri Jenkins from Selsey and Gill Tate from Atherstone
Win ‘Asterix: The Mansions Of The Gods’ on Blu-ray! 8th January James Bryan from London, Tracey Rowe from Eastwood and Gary Richards from Lancashire
Win ‘Swallows and Amazons’ on Blu-ray! 7th January Julianne Lamb from Chickerell, Carl Wise from West Bromwich and Megan Teelock from London
Win cat comedy ‘Nine Lives’ on Blu-ray! 6th January Chris Reynor from Darlington, Jan Wesson from Mossley and Muriel Rivers from Stotfold
Win ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ on Blu-ray! 5th January James Dahl from Ellesmere, Barry Ingold from Great Torrington, Erica Bell from Barnsley and Katy McLaughlin from London
Win a James Bond comics collection! 4th January Joanna Howard-Simpson from Rochford and Alex Fowler from Benfleet
Win ‘Magnum P.I.’, ‘Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Miami Vice’ box sets! 3rd January Kevin Franklin from Godmanchester and Mike Shipley from Haslemere
Win a bundle of new ‘Star Wars’ books! 2nd January Jonathan Sloman from London, Dean Morris from Ratby and Andrew Matthews from Portsmouth
Win an ‘Outcast’ Season 1 box set! 1st January Lorraine Coates from Edinburgh, Lyndsay Fox from Horncastle and Carol Jowett from Northamptonshire
Win Christmas party survival goodies with ‘Office Christmas Party’! 31st December Becky Inman from London, Lisa Parker from London and George Wright from Letchworth
Win ‘Ice Age 5: Collision Course’ on Blu-ray! 30th December Simon Dawson from New Milton, Amy Seaman from London and Dane Emmerson from Tyne and Wear
Win ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ on Blu-ray! 29th December Sally Munro from Clackmannanshire, Catherine Jacobs from Haywards Heath, Andrea Brennan from Yate and Bob Ashley from London
Win a ‘Star Trek’ 50th anniversary ‘Roddenberry Vault’ box set! 28th December Justin Beech from Glossop, Keith Greenfield from London and Zoe McCarthy from Wishaw
Win ‘The Shallows’ on Blu-ray! 27th December Jean Barter from Brentwood, Lucy Crick from Merseyside and Richard Douglas from Wellington
Win The Beatles t-shirts, poster and Blu-ray! 26th December June Lombard from London, Amy Rogers from Elgin and Rosemary Howes from Clevedon
Win a ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Seasons 1-2 box set! 25th December Paul Macey from South Yorkshire, Julie Beck from Abercarn and Jeffrey Camfield from Nuneaton
Win Josh Widdicombe and Rich Hall’s new live DVDs! 24th December Warren MacMillan from Tring, Alice Redman from West Lothian and Samuel Lane from Brentford
Win animated classic ‘Doctor Who’ on DVD! 23rd December Kelly Randall from Cheshire, Jan Burrows from Peterhead and Donny Aldred from Lincoln
Win a Mary Berry recipe book and tote bag! 22nd December Stevie Fairbairn from Halifax, Kelly Glen from New Milton and Steven Scrase from Misterton
Win ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ goodies! 21st December Barry Page from Horsham, Helen Tovell from Great Yarmouth and Joanna Baxter from Bolton
Win a ‘Maid Marian and Her Merry Men’ box set! 20th December Nicola Sanderson from London and Tina Brown from Felixstowe
Win a huge bundle of classic TV box sets worth over £600! 19th December Debra Crick from Maldon
Win a ‘Billions’ Season 1 box set! 18th December Claire Tucker from Goodwick, Gary Lines from Thornbury and Jacqueline Cox from London
Win a set of three family games! 17th December Laura Bradbury from Preston
Win a massive bundle of British TV box sets! 16th December Keith Avery from Yate
Win ‘Bad Santa 2’ goodies! 15th December Ian Bonthrone from Exeter, Inga Andersen from Grimsby and Sheri Darby from London
Win ‘Christmas With The Coopers’ on DVD! 14th December Keith Marshall from Weybridge, Jennie Lock from Bromley, Iris Carroll from London and Lorna Underwood from Kesgrave
Win a set of ‘Game of Thrones’ teas! 13th December Lorraine Baker from Carmarthen, Maria Jordan from Surbiton and Alison Travis from Wigan
Win a bundle of 2016’s best TV box sets! 12th December Gilda Stevens from London and Aaron Eyre from Ferndale
Win ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ goodies! 11th December Cath Lloyd from Hamilton
Win a stress buster kit! 10th December Hadriana Evans from London
Win a ‘Planet Earth II’ soundtrack album! 9th December Susan Smith from Lowestoft, David K. Thomson from Haddenham and Craig Morris from Chelmsford
Win ‘Star Trek Beyond’ on Blu-ray! 8th December Laura Garrett from Bodmin, Alan Underwood from Ramsgate and Dana Todd from London
Win ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ on Blu-ray and goodies! 7th December Joan Preston from Hampshire, Paul Page from London and Amanda Hay from Blackpool
Win ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ on Blu-ray! 6th December George Frost from London, Roybn Milligan from Great Yarmouth, June Carr from Paisley and Harry Wheeler from Southwick
Win a bundle of ‘The Mindy Project’ box sets! 5th December Mark Jarman from Bradford-on-Avon, Craig Gregory from Jarrow and Vicky Tyler from Dudley
Win a ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 box set! 4th December Damian McNair from Thornbury, Isobel Tomlinson from Wiltshire and Yvonne O'Neill from Cumbria
Win ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Mindgame Saga’ on DVD! 3rd December Linda Millard from Buckinghamshire, Sally Herbert from Petworth and David King from Shropshire
Win a ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 box set! 2nd December Steven Wilson from London, Louise Drew from Padstow and Jo Harwood from Cumbria
Win a Tim Burton book! 1st December Vicki Reis from Chelmsford, Rhiannon Alwen from Conwy and Vanessa Forsythe from Moneymore
Win every episode of ‘Knight Rider’ on Blu-ray! 30th November Matt Farthing from London and Clare Chapman from Aberdare
Win ‘Now You See Me 2’ on Blu-ray! 29th November Patrick Long from Cardiff, Steve Bulmer from Ilkley and Robyn Perrysmith from London
Win ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ on Blu-ray! 28th November Paul McIntosh from Scunthorpe, Jennifer Sissons from Holyhead and Lydia Clarke from Chilton
Win a bundle of ‘Teen Wolf’ box sets! 27th November Claudia Neville from Swansea and Tina Stevens from Hyde
Win ‘Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders’ on Blu-ray! 26th November Nancy Walker from Suffolk, Nick Spedding from Ledbury and Miles Townsend from Cheshire
Win a ‘Doctor Strange’ book! 25th November Rob Price from Camelford, Siobhan Rule from Huntingdon and Sonia Laddams from London
Win a complete ‘The Fall’ box set! 24th November Trish Lowe from Wokingham, Andrea Harrington from London and Barbara Owen from Shoreham-by-Sea
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