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“Oh Boy!” Get ready to journey back in time with Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) and his holographic guide Al (Dean Stockwell) in the 5 time Emmy ® Award-Winning Series Quantum Leap. Enjoy all 97 episodes of this groundbreaking Sci-Fi adventure series now fully restored and in hi-definition!  Consisting of 22 discs this Complete Collectors Edition contains all the original music (previously missing in the DVD release).

Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise) received four Emmy Award nominations and a Golden Globe Award for his role as a time traveller, helping people out of sticky situations by taking over their body.

The Blu-ray release is set for January 29th 2018, with the box selling for £149.99. We have two to give away!

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    Ends 25th July 2024.